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  • This bus ride is weird

  • 67/? Free! 500px gifs

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    I don’t have art to post so here is an edit I made today

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    Hot damn that’s some amazing feedback for the #stoneysundayshirt!! A few sizes and colors have sold out but not all, order yours from www.coralreefer420.etsy.com and each shirt comes with a goodie bag of Boveda and Humboldt Wick too!

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    Prepare yo wallets ladies & gents, Levi Squad  一番くじ Cleaning Ver!

    Slated for 2014年10月07日 // October 7th. These lottery figures can go upwards of 1000 Yen to 2500 Yen each! 

    Photos from [x] and [x]

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    Im gonna take 1000 benadryl and fuck my shadow self

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  • My skin has turned to porcelain, to ivory, to steel.

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    Chilling at the beach

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    me as a dad

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    Can we just take a moment to appreciate Within Temptation’s cover of Radioactive? 

    o.o dear GOD what is this musical gift from the GODS?!

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  • Boy : “Your a pussy”

    Random person : “well you are what you eat”

    Girl : “Yeah ya dick”

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    Disney Princesses + little/grown

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